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PT Hitachi Transport System Indonesia


Our supply chain solutions covers from upstream to downstream of logistics.
Supplier > Factory > Warehousing > Distribution > Customer


Company Name PT Hitachi Transport System Indonesia [TSID]
Established June / 2013
Location HQ : Jakarta
W/H : Cikarang / Surabaya
Number of Employee 352
Customer's Industries Sanitary Products / Chemical Products / Educational Products / Resin Products
Main Services 1. Third Party Logistics (3PL)
[Logistics System Integration, Information Control, Inventory Control, Order Control, Value Added Services, Distribution Center Operation, Factory Logistics, Transportation and Delivery Services]

2. Warehouse
  a. General Warehouse
     [Logistics Services for Procurement,
     Production, Sales & Distribution and
     After Sales]
  b. PLB (Bonded Logistic Service)
     [Tax Withholding, Non-resident
     Inventory, Minor Processing and
     Pre-shipment Inspection]